Kilmurry & Co.

Kilmurry & Co.

Please Note: These Menus Are Subject To Change Available Saturday & Sunday - 12pm / 4pm
  • Breakfast

  • £9.90 Kilmurry & Co. Full Breakfast
    Traditional Scottish breakfast of bacon, sausages, haggis, poached eggs, beans and toasted sourdough.
  • £9.90 Kilmurry & Co. Vegetarian Breakfast
    Vegetarian sausage, avocado, roasted cherry tomatoes, Nith valley eggs, sautéed mushrooms, beans and toasted homemade sourdough
  • £14.50 The Kilmurry & Co. Grand Breakfast
    Pork link sausages, Ayrshire bacon, Stornoway black pudding, haggis, Nith valley eggs, roasted cherry tomatoes, sautéed mushrooms, beans and toasted sourdough

  • Kilmurry Eggs

  • £8.50 Stornoway
    Black pudding, poached eggs, hollandaise, toasted English muffins
  • £8.50 Royale
    Smoked Loch Duart salmon, poached eggs, hollandaise, toasted English muffins
  • £8.50 Benedict
    Toasted sourdough, poached egg, crispy Ayrshire bacon, hollandaise
  • £8.50 The Kilmurry Brunch (V)
    Toasted sourdough, scrambled egg, avocado
  • £8.90 Smoked Salmon, Scrambled Eggs
    Loch Duart smoked salmon on toasted sourdough

  • Pancakes

  • £9.00 New Yorker
    Fried eggs, bacon, maple syrup
  • £8.50 Honey Bee
    Greek yoghurt, seasonal berry compote, honey
  • £9.00 Kilmurry goes bananas
    Maple marscapone, caramelised banana, roasted peanut butter

  • Sandwiches

    Served On Toasted Ciabatta
  • £7.50 Breakfast Ciabatta
    Pork sausages, Ayrshire bacon, haggis, nith valley eggs
  • £8.50 The Kilmarnock
    Loch duart smoked salmon, dill marscapone, cucumber